Dies alles ist mir untertänig…

Er stand auf seines Daches Zinnen,
Er schaute mit vergnügten Sinnen
Auf das beherrschte Samos hin.
»Dies alles ist mir untertänig«,
Begann er zu Ägyptens König,
»Gestehe, daß ich glücklich bin.«

»Du hast der Götter Gunst erfahren!
Die vormals deinesgleichen waren,
Sie zwingt jetzt deines Szepters Macht.
Doch einer lebt noch, sie zu rächen,
Dich kann mein Mund nicht glücklich sprechen,
Solang des Feindes Auge wacht.«

Und eh der König noch geendet,
Da stellt sich, von Milet gesendet,
Ein Bote dem Tyrannen dar:
»Laß, Herr! des Opfers Düfte steigen
Und mit des Lorbeers muntern Zweigen
Bekränze dir dein festlich Haar.

Getroffen sank dein Feind vom Speere,
Mich sendet mit der frohen Märe
Dein treuer Feldherr Polydor –«
Und nimmt aus einem schwarzen Becken,
Noch blutig, zu der beiden Schrecken,
Ein wohlbekanntes Haupt hervor.


Und wenn’s die Götter nicht gewähren,
So acht auf eines Freundes Lehren
Und rufe selbst das Unglück her,
Und was von allen deinen Schätzen
Dein Herz am höchsten mag ergötzen,
Das nimm und wirf’s in dieses Meer.«


Und jener spricht, von Furcht beweget:
»Von allem, was die Insel heget,
Ist dieser Ring mein höchstes Gut.
Ihn will ich den Erinnen weihen,
Ob sie mein Glück mir dann verzeihen.«
Und wirft das Kleinod in die Flut.


Und bei des nächsten Morgens Lichte,
Da tritt mit fröhlichem Gesichte
Ein Fischer vor den Fürsten hin:
»Herr, diesen Fisch hab ich gefangen,
Wie keiner noch ins Netz gegangen,
Dir zum Geschenke bring ich ihn.«

Und als der Koch den Fisch zerteilet,
Kommt er bestürzt herbeigeeilet
Und ruft mit hocherstauntem Blick:
»Sieh, Herr, den Ring, den du getragen,
Ihn fand ich in des Fisches Magen,
O, ohne Grenzen ist dein Glück!«

Hier wendet sich der Gast mit Grausen:
»So kann ich hier nicht ferner hausen,
Mein Freund kannst du nicht weiter sein.
Die Götter wollen dein Verderben,
Fort eil ich, nicht mit dir zu sterben.«
Und sprachs und schiffte schnell sich ein.

(Aus: Der Ring des Polykrates, F. Schiller)

www.outworldz.com:9000:Egypt (coordinates 828,1007,37)

Tosha Tyran

Violence against Women!

You are not my story / But merely a chapter
One I will never forget / But one I will never reread

The bruises you left will no longer / Remind me of my shortcomings
But will instead be battle scares / Reminding me of my strength

You caused me to starve / You caused me to self-loathe
You caused me to isolate myself / But your control is not permanent

I will erase the pain you left / I will discard the memories
Of discomfort, fear, and embarassment / And replace them with a fire

I am not your victim / Or defined by your abuse
I am a survivor / I am a fighter

For so long I blamed myself / Told myself that I deserved the pain
That I did this to myself / And I carried that guilt with me

But not anymore / I’m through with wrongfully assigning
The blame to myself when / It’s nobody’s fault except yours

Your time is up / From your violations
I have gained self-respect and fortitude / And you have gained a guilty conscience

This is all I have left to say to you / My final testimony, my triumph
I will no longer let you have power over me / This is goodbye.

Delicatessen (160,92,485) by Paper White
contains the best exposition about Violence against Women I have ever seen in Virtual Worlds.

It takes a hard stomach though to look through it!
Tosha Tyran

Torben Asp – master of the spherical music

you ambled through
the spheres of light
a score of
fireflies ignite
a silken dress
a velvet night
roaring colors
spheres of light
I would like to talk to you tonight about a very special person: Torben Asp, composer, musician, artist and surely one of the nicest live performers I know and have the honor to be friended with. Those who come to his shows will find themselves immersed not only in spherical sounds but also in a captivating and magic particles show.

Already entering his performance center is interesting: you enter a metal sphere hung up in nowhere and held down from escaping just there by some chained weights…

Sit on one of the seats grouped around the stage in the middle, lean back, take a sip of wine (or tea or a sniff of grass :-)) and let Torben with his music and particles do the rest! An enrapturing time is garanteed…

Torben was amiable enough to give us a little inside view into his music, his work, his life.

Tosha: Torben, you make music in virtual worlds and – if I understand right – also in real life?

Torben: That is true… I have been so lucky to build a network that stretches from virtual- to Real life.

Tosha: I know of various artists who actually began their career in virtual worlds and from there went on to real life careers – where did you get started?

Torben: Basically I began composing at 14 when I bought my first little keyboard. My Dad played one of my tunes at the local stadium for 2500 people… that was kinda crazy.
Obviously when PC music software came out it made it easier for me to make music…. and yes… SL and the virtual worlds have helped me a lot… To refine my performances… and also to be able to play in the real world a couple of times… both in Denmark and the USA.

Tosha: You underlay your musical performances in Craft with all those magnificent particles – what do you use in real life instead? Or have you found a way to create „real“ particles???

Torben: Oh I wish… but in real Life we mostly use projections… which is kinda nice too.

Tosha: Can your music be found in real life? Meaning: do you sell it?

Torben:  I do… You can find me at CDBaby.com searching for Torben Asp but also on all the well known download sites.

Tosha: Do you give concerts in RL?

Torben:  When I get a chance, yes.

Tosha: A rather indiscrete question: You probably spend a lot of time with your music. But can you live of it? (Don’t answer if it is too indiscrete!)

Torben:  No… at this time its only a hobby that I love…. so I gather all the tips I can get… Either inworld ore by going my website or Paypal ;o)

Tosha: Your music has quite an esoteric sound at times. Are you an esoteric person?

Torben:  I believe so… My music comes from inside…. when I try to be deep I always say… From my soul… To your soul.

Tosha: Do you compose and produce your music alone?

Torben:  Yes I do…. No one to argue with… hehe

Tosha: I seem to detect some Jean Michel Jarre at times in your music – what or who else inspires you most and in which way?

Torben: Jean-Michel Jarre as you mentioned… but also Hans Zimmer,  Schiller and Kitaro. (French, German and Japanese musicians, T.T.)

Tosha: I know you are Danish living in the USA now – what made you leave Denmark?

Torben:  I blame it on my 10 year long love for Jess ;o)

Tosha: Back to Virtual Worlds: During the last performances of yours I have noticed that you are becoming quite a master of the art of creating particles… do you create them yourself?

Torben:  No… as I sometimes tell on stream my particle show was created by a very talented scripter, Darek Deluca, who unfortunately is not in SL anymore.
Luckily I got him to deliver to me in the worlds I perform in the most… and then it is just to find the right setup for the experience… and I think I am pretty close now to have the perfect setup…. at least people seem to enjoy it a lot.

Tosha: What difference is there for you performing for a virtual audience as opposed to a real life one?

Torben:  You feel the audience more in Real Life…. and you can see when they start to fall asleep…. In the virtual worlds I get all these wonderful comments… and I try to mix them into my comments between tunes.

Tosha: I have the feeling, there is a special attachment to Craft Grid. Am I wrong or is that so?

Torben: The reception we got when we first landed in Craft was over the top… so we have always loved to support the grid when ever we could.

Tosha: If yes – what makes Craft special to you?

Torben:  The option that you have almost 100% power over your region… and you can import and export your OAR’s when you have something to show.

Tosha: Thanks a lot for your patience, Torben!

Torben:  Thank you for the interest. I appreciate that ;o))

If you want to come, see, hear, feel one of Torben’s performances, check the Craft Homepage regularly, read inworld notes or recurr to Torben’s own homepage to find a date! And – as said before: lean back and enjoy!

The Craft-Store

Fiore all’occhiello di Craft, il Craft-Store rientra probabilmente tra le sim più visitate nel metaverso.

Un mega-store appena alle spalle di Hydra. Le due sim sono collegate tra loro da un ponte. Il ponte nella psiche umana può rappresentare l’unione di due ambienti distaccati, la voglia di avvicinare ed espandere. Mi piace pensare che la scelta di creare un ponte che unisce Hydra a Craft-Store non sia casuale, ma rappresenti la volontà di azzerare le distanze tra utenti e owner. Ogni craftiano può arricchire con le proprie creazioni lo store ufficiale di Craft, rendendosi partecipe in prima persona dell’evoluzione della grid.

Per molti anni, il Craft-Store ha ospitato una bellissima struttura realizzata da Moran Demedici. Struttura che rimarrà sempre nei ricordi dei vecchi utenti di tutta opensim, ed in particolare nel cuore dei craftiani.

Cito le parole con cui Licu Rau ha salutato il vecchio Craft-Store:

“Sunset over the old Craft-Store.
Bye bye old shop.
From next Monday the old Craft-Store will be replaced by the new one. Thanks to Moran Demedici who buit the old Craft-Store and special thanks to Tosha Tyran who realised the new one.”

The old Craft-Store

Il nuovo Craft-Store è una struttura innovativa e fuori dall’ordinaria concezione di “store”. Gli edifici sono stati sostituiti da un insieme di isole. La sensazione trasmessa è di trovarsi in un ambiente libero, senza percorsi obbligati, porte da aprire, scale da percorrere. Si ha una piena visuale di ciò che ci circonda.

Photograph: Eva Kraai

Il caos che potrebbe crearsi in un ambiente non delineato, è annullato dalla suddivisione delle varie zone in aree di diverso colore. Ogni area contiene una determinata categoria di oggetti gratuiti, area arredamento, area edifici, area avatar (abbigliamento, skin, shape, avatar mesh etc), area musicale.. è possibile trovare ogni genere di cosa tu stia cercando!

Su ogni zona è presente una mappa-teleport dell’intero Craft-Store.


Nella welcome-area è stata realizzata una zona di ritrovo (i mariti possono sedersi e parlare di calcio mentre le mogli fanno compere) ed un gruppo di donne multirazziali molto affascinanti. Non siate timidi con loro! Sono li per essere cliccate e portarvi in altre sim commerciali di Craft!

Welcome Area – Photograph: Eva Kraai

Non vado oltre nella descrizione, non voglio togliervi ogni sorpresa. Desidero invece spendere qualche parola per parlarvi della persona che ha ideato e realizzato tutto questo, Tosha Tyran. Penso che ci siano persone con un dono particolare nella vita, il dono di “guardare oltre”. Sono quelle persone che riescono a vedere una pecora osservando una nuvola. Tosha vede la pecora, la stalla, il pastore, la casa del pastore, e persino la piccola farfalla che si posa su quell’ultimo fiore, che da li a poco sparirà segnando definitivamente la fine della calda stagione.

Her Majesty’s Lover?

We sincerly hope that you did not believe this blog has anything to do with royalties. Or with lovers. Or with that unmentionable word… you know… with 4 letters…
If you did, you are in for a serious disappointment, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the above. Really, we just thought that a good title would atract more visitors.

What we do want, however, is to take you on some funny, nice, serious, weird, crazy, creepy, informative trips through Craft World, our home grid and beyond it. We will try to drag sim and/or grid owners, builders, creators, dancers, wanderers, prim-lovers and Blender-nuts to our microphones to present them to you, our precious audience.
The posts will be in loose order in Italian, German, English and Spanish and we will rather not translate them – after all, we don’t want to send Google-Translator into unemployment and social misery.