Violence against Women!

You are not my story / But merely a chapter
One I will never forget / But one I will never reread

The bruises you left will no longer / Remind me of my shortcomings
But will instead be battle scares / Reminding me of my strength

You caused me to starve / You caused me to self-loathe
You caused me to isolate myself / But your control is not permanent

I will erase the pain you left / I will discard the memories
Of discomfort, fear, and embarassment / And replace them with a fire

I am not your victim / Or defined by your abuse
I am a survivor / I am a fighter

For so long I blamed myself / Told myself that I deserved the pain
That I did this to myself / And I carried that guilt with me

But not anymore / I’m through with wrongfully assigning
The blame to myself when / It’s nobody’s fault except yours

Your time is up / From your violations
I have gained self-respect and fortitude / And you have gained a guilty conscience

This is all I have left to say to you / My final testimony, my triumph
I will no longer let you have power over me / This is goodbye.

Delicatessen (160,92,485) by Paper White
contains the best exposition about Violence against Women I have ever seen in Virtual Worlds.

It takes a hard stomach though to look through it!
Tosha Tyran

Torben Asp – master of the spherical music

you ambled through
the spheres of light
a score of
fireflies ignite
a silken dress
a velvet night
roaring colors
spheres of light
I would like to talk to you tonight about a very special person: Torben Asp, composer, musician, artist and surely one of the nicest live performers I know and have the honor to be friended with. Those who come to his shows will find themselves immersed not only in spherical sounds but also in a captivating and magic particles show.

Already entering his performance center is interesting: you enter a metal sphere hung up in nowhere and held down from escaping just there by some chained weights…

Sit on one of the seats grouped around the stage in the middle, lean back, take a sip of wine (or tea or a sniff of grass :-)) and let Torben with his music and particles do the rest! An enrapturing time is garanteed…

Torben was amiable enough to give us a little inside view into his music, his work, his life.

Tosha: Torben, you make music in virtual worlds and – if I understand right – also in real life?

Torben: That is true… I have been so lucky to build a network that stretches from virtual- to Real life.

Tosha: I know of various artists who actually began their career in virtual worlds and from there went on to real life careers – where did you get started?

Torben: Basically I began composing at 14 when I bought my first little keyboard. My Dad played one of my tunes at the local stadium for 2500 people… that was kinda crazy.
Obviously when PC music software came out it made it easier for me to make music…. and yes… SL and the virtual worlds have helped me a lot… To refine my performances… and also to be able to play in the real world a couple of times… both in Denmark and the USA.

Tosha: You underlay your musical performances in Craft with all those magnificent particles – what do you use in real life instead? Or have you found a way to create „real“ particles???

Torben: Oh I wish… but in real Life we mostly use projections… which is kinda nice too.

Tosha: Can your music be found in real life? Meaning: do you sell it?

Torben:  I do… You can find me at searching for Torben Asp but also on all the well known download sites.

Tosha: Do you give concerts in RL?

Torben:  When I get a chance, yes.

Tosha: A rather indiscrete question: You probably spend a lot of time with your music. But can you live of it? (Don’t answer if it is too indiscrete!)

Torben:  No… at this time its only a hobby that I love…. so I gather all the tips I can get… Either inworld ore by going my website or Paypal ;o)

Tosha: Your music has quite an esoteric sound at times. Are you an esoteric person?

Torben:  I believe so… My music comes from inside…. when I try to be deep I always say… From my soul… To your soul.

Tosha: Do you compose and produce your music alone?

Torben:  Yes I do…. No one to argue with… hehe

Tosha: I seem to detect some Jean Michel Jarre at times in your music – what or who else inspires you most and in which way?

Torben: Jean-Michel Jarre as you mentioned… but also Hans Zimmer,  Schiller and Kitaro. (French, German and Japanese musicians, T.T.)

Tosha: I know you are Danish living in the USA now – what made you leave Denmark?

Torben:  I blame it on my 10 year long love for Jess ;o)

Tosha: Back to Virtual Worlds: During the last performances of yours I have noticed that you are becoming quite a master of the art of creating particles… do you create them yourself?

Torben:  No… as I sometimes tell on stream my particle show was created by a very talented scripter, Darek Deluca, who unfortunately is not in SL anymore.
Luckily I got him to deliver to me in the worlds I perform in the most… and then it is just to find the right setup for the experience… and I think I am pretty close now to have the perfect setup…. at least people seem to enjoy it a lot.

Tosha: What difference is there for you performing for a virtual audience as opposed to a real life one?

Torben:  You feel the audience more in Real Life…. and you can see when they start to fall asleep…. In the virtual worlds I get all these wonderful comments… and I try to mix them into my comments between tunes.

Tosha: I have the feeling, there is a special attachment to Craft Grid. Am I wrong or is that so?

Torben: The reception we got when we first landed in Craft was over the top… so we have always loved to support the grid when ever we could.

Tosha: If yes – what makes Craft special to you?

Torben:  The option that you have almost 100% power over your region… and you can import and export your OAR’s when you have something to show.

Tosha: Thanks a lot for your patience, Torben!

Torben:  Thank you for the interest. I appreciate that ;o))

If you want to come, see, hear, feel one of Torben’s performances, check the Craft Homepage regularly, read inworld notes or recurr to Torben’s own homepage to find a date! And – as said before: lean back and enjoy!


Quando l’Arte incontra il virtuale, il virtuale risponde con un caloroso benvenuto.

Il progetto è stato realizzato dal gruppo PyramidOSIta. L’Artista al centro dell’intero progetto è Carmen AulettaNon è mia intenzione parlare dei vari autori (impossibile valorizzarli come meritano in un solo articolo) ma aprire una piccola finestra sul meraviglioso risultato ottenuto.

L’idea di base che ha dato vita a MargyeDreams è di rendere tangibili, se pur virtualmente, le opere artistiche di Carmen Auletta, mi limiterò quindi a lasciarvi un piccolo assaggio visivo invitandovi ad intraprendere in modo autonomo il vostro personale viaggio tra arte e virtuale in Craft.

Vi lascio con una citazione tratta dalla poesia Il Rifugio di Carmen Auletta.

“..Portandomi nel luogo dov’è l’Arte,

la penna il mio dolore manda via.

Si presta come sempre alla sua parte

e arriva in mio soccorso la Poesia.”



service island service island service island service island

Your trash is full? Dein Papierkorb läuft über? ¿Tu papelera está llena? ¿El teu paperera està plena? Il cestino dei rifiuti è pieno?Come to our wonderful and creepy Service Island to empty it!Komm zu unserem wunderbar gruseligem Service Island und leere ihn!  ¡Ven a nuestra maravillosa y escalofriante Service Island para vaciarla!  Vine a la nostra meravellosa i esgarrifós Service Island per buidar-la!Vieni nella nostra meravigliosa e agghiacciante Service Island per svuotarlo! Island


This year is set to be the deadliest year for refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean in the desperate attempt to reach safety or a better life in Europe, with the mortality rate tripling since 2015, according to a new report.

The Amnesty International report, called A perfect storm: The failure of European policies in the Central Mediterranean, links the soaring death toll in the Mediterranean, which has seen 2,000 deaths since January, to failing E.U. policies. The route between Libya and Italy has become the primary means for refugees arriving in Europe, and the most hazardous.

It found that by giving non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the largest share of responsibility for search and rescue in the sea crossing, Europe’s governments have failed to prevent drownings and the horrific abuses, including torture and rape, that are faced by thousands of refugees and migrants in Libyan detention centres.

According to the report, E.U. leaders dramatically decreased the number of deaths at sea in 2015 when they implemented measures to strengthen search and rescue capacity in the central Mediterranean, including providing more rescue boats closer to Libyan territorial waters.

However, the report said that governments then shifted their approach, instead preventing the departures of boats from Libya in order to keep the number of arrivals in Europe down. Amnesty described this as “a failing strategy that has led to ever more dangerous crossings and a threefold increase in the death-rate from 0.89% in the second half of 2015 to 2.7% in 2017.”

The report criticises the E.U. for focusing on strengthening the Libyan coastguard’s ability to prevent departures and intercept boats – which often put refugees and migrants at risk – rather than deploy an “adequately resourced and dedicated humanitarian operation near Libyan territorial waters.”

Amnesty has been made aware of allegations that members of the Libyan coastguard have abused migrants, with some even shooting guns towards boats. A U.N. report published in June on the situation in Libya had similar findings. It mentioned a number of human rights violations against migrants including “executions, torture and deprivation of food, water and access to sanitation.” The report added that “Abd al-Rahman Milad (alias Bija), and other coastguard members, are directly involved in the sinking of migrant boats using firearms.”

If the second half of this year continues as the first and urgent action is not taken, 2017 looks set to become the deadliest year for the deadliest migration route in the world,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Europe Director, in a statement. “The E.U. must rethink its cooperation with Libya’s woefully dysfunctional coastguard and deploy more vessels where they are desperately needed.”

Italy is currently caught up in a dispute with NGOs over search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, threatening to prevent them from docking in Italian ports if they didn’t better manage how they are dropping off refugees. Italy wants other EU states to take in refugees saved at sea.

Thank you, CapCat Ragu!

Metaverse II

If you visit Italian city
You will find it very pretty

Just walk through and look very bright:
Don’t get blinded by color and light
(Orig.: Tom Lehrer, 1960 – Adaption: Tosha, 2018)

Jaaaaa, wir haben einen weiteren Spaziergang durch Metaverse, die italienische Stadt im Lichterglanz, gemacht und wollen der geschätzten Leserschaft unbedingt unsere Eindrücke weitergeben:

Fascinierendes Farbspiel auf den Fassaden


Die Lichterfee bei der Arbeit

Wir werden natürlich weiterhin beobachten, wie die Stadt im Licht explodiert, wie das Licht von ihr Besitz ergreift, sie verschlingt, sie erneuert und verwandelt.

Aber besonders raten wir allen, sich selbst dorthin zu begeben und alle Ecken und Winkel selbst auszukundschaften. Spaß, Überraschung und Staunen sind garantiert!

Cherry Manga has done it again!

The incredible Cherry Manga has turned part of a Craft region – Metaverso, a traditional Italian city – into a bewitching, unforgettable light experience!

Just go and look for yourself – but take your time to allow this wonderful experience sink into you!

We have heard that Licu Rau, owner of the region, has asked also other artists to join into the light experience. What a wonderful idea! So you might just look around the city and find some other flashing surprises!

The Grinch! (Christmas Spirit)

Tutti Craftiani adoravano il Natale mentre il Grinch non lo poteva sopportare. Il Grinch odiava il Natale e tutte le feste natalizie. Non chiedete perché, non abbiamo altre notizie. Era forse perché le sue scarpe gli eran strette ai piedi? O la testa non era per caso ben avvitata? Forse un motivo c’è per una mente tanto malata. Vediamo un po’. Il suo cuore a quanto pare era di due taglie più piccolo! Ma qualunque sia la ragione, il cuore, le scarpe o il crapone, lui la vigilia di Natale, tutte le vigilie di Natale, se ne stava lì, ricolmo di odio. Dall’alto della sua caverna, guardando le finestre illuminate, si rodeva il cuore perché tutte le case nella notte di Natale venivano addobbate.

“Come posso impedire che arrivi ancora il Natale? Come posso fare? Domani, lo so, tutti saran svegli assai presto per aprire i regali senza pietà! E poi il fracasso! Il fracasso! Il fracasso! Perché una cosa detesto: il fracasso! Il fracasso! Il fracasso! Il fracasso! Il fracasso!  Incomincio a star male! Con la mano nella mano tutti in coro canteranno le canzoni di Natale! ”

“Pupazzi di neve, addobbi, elfi, giochi! Non li posso sopportare! Basta, è ora di intervenire! Sono anni che li vedo gioire! Per non parlare del resto! È giunto il momento di farli zittire!”

Ma tra uno scivolo con slittino…

Ed il caldo tepore di un camino…

Che accadde poi su quell’altura? A Craft si narra che il cuore del Grinch quel giorno crebbe a dismisura. Il Grinch a un tratto del Natale comprese il vero significato. “Vuoi vedere” pensò “che il Natale è qualcosa di più?”

Il perfido Grinch sembrava confuso, anche il cervello gli si era fuso. Ma come ad un tratto riprese a pensare. Qualcosa nella mente gli cominciò a balenare. “Ecco cosa rende il Natale speciale!” disse ” Le persone riunite! che sia per cantare, addobbare, giocare, spacchettare… o ballare!”

Infant found in stable

Breaking News:
Police and youth welfare office investigate – carpenters from Nazareth and minor mother provisionally arrested.

BETHLEHEM, JUDAEA, dpa – In the early morning hours authorities were alerted by a concerned citizen who had discovered a young family living in a stable. On arrival, social service officials assisted by police officers found a baby who had been wrapped in strips of cloth by his 14-year-old mother, a certain Maria H. of Nazareth.

Maria H. and her infant were found in these highly questionable hygienic circumstances. On the right: Josef H. (Photos: T. Tyran)

While the officials tried to take mother and child into custody, a man later identified as Joseph H., also from Nazareth, tried to stop them. Joseph H.,  assisted by some shepherds and three unidentified foreigners, was prevented from doing so by the police.

The three foreigners who called themselves “wise men” of an eastern country were arrested. Both, the Department of the Interior and Customs Authorities are looking for clues about the origins of these three men, who appear to be illegally in the country. A spokesman of the police said they carried no identification, but were in possession of gold, as well as some potentially dangerous substances. They resisted arrest and claimed that God had told them to go home immediately and avoid any contact with official authorities. The found chemicals were sent to the Crime Lab for further investigation.

The three strangers claiming to be “wise men” 

The whereabouts of the baby will not be disclosed until further notice. A quick clarification of the whole case seems very doubtful. In response to questions, a Social Services employee said, “The father is middle-aged and the mother is definitely under the age, and we’re checking with the authorities in Nazareth to find out, what type of relationship they might have.”

Maria H. was taken to the district hospital in Bethlehem for medical and psychiatric examinations.  Because she claims, she is still a virgin, and the infant is from God, her mental state is being scrutinized.  An official statement from the head of the psychiatry says: “it is not up to us to tell people what to believe, but if that belief leads to a newborn being endangered, as in this case, then these people must be considered dangerous. The fact that drugs that were probably distributed by the foreigners is not helping to raise confidence, but we are sure that all involved will be able to return to normal life within a few years, if they get the necessary treatment. ”

Maria H. in the local hospital (Photo: our contact person in the psychiatry – name is known to the editors)

Finally, this information reached us: The shepherds declared unisono that a tall man in a white nightgown with wings (!) on his back ordered them to visit the stable and bring out cheers for the newborn on the day of his birth. A spokesman of the drug investigation said, “That’s pretty much the dumbest excuse of stoned junkies I’ve ever heard.”

La gran cacofonía

HIE-1(3 Fotos: Thirza Ember)

La “Expo Internacional del Hypergrid” (HIE) es un intento de presentar a un público multinacional lo que se organiza, se construye, se planea en los diferentes grids en este llamado Mundo Virtual.


Hace semanas ya que un equipo de gente muy dedicada trabaja para hacer este gran evento realmente algo memorable para la comunidad de OpenSim.


En dos días se presentarán diferentes discursos – el primer día será dedicada a los avatares de hablar alemán y español:

Sábado, 16-12-2017, 09.00 SLT, 17.00 GMT, 18.00 CET

 Cheops Forlife, Loru Destiny, Mal Burns, Tosha Tyran, Thirza Ember:
Charla sobre “Las muchas voces del OpenSim”
Como enriquecen y complican las muchas idiomas de OpenSim la vida en el hyperverso.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 09.30 SLT, 17.30 GMT, 18.30 CET

Dieter Heyne:
Mundos virtuales basados en la web y el camino hacia un viewer-navegador para el hypergrid. Los desafíos involucrados, la planificación y los pasos para desarrollar un viewer-navegador para el hypergrid.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 10.00 SLT, 18.00 GMT, 19.00 CET

Tosha Tyran:
Craft-World, el comienzo de un romance maravilloso.
Un paseo por Craft-World desde el principio hasta el presente.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 10.30 SLT, 18.30 GMT, 19.30 CET

Art Blue:
La conservación del arte digital a través del simulador abierto – manteniendo vivos los primeros pasos del arte digital inmersivo.


Una hora de descanso

Sábado, 16-12-2017, 12.00 SLT, 20.00 GMT, 21.00 CET

Karima Hoisan:
La poesia hecha una realidad virtual. Cómo OpenSim, específicamente Kitely, ha hecho posible dar vida a la poesía.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 12.30 SLT, 20.30 GMT, 21.30 CET

Eugenia Calderon:
Los Mundos Virtuales como herramientas en la enseñanza del español.



Sábado, 16-12-2017, 13.00 SLT, 21.00 GMT, 22.00 CET

Cherry Manga:
Fest’Avi y vestuarios.
Cómo surgió la idea para el evento anual Fest’Avi, con algunos ejemplos de avatares,  cómo se hacen y se muestran.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 13.30 SLT, 21.30 GMT, 22.30 CET

Wolem Wobbit:
El guitarista de blues alemán tocará live para nosotr@s en el area de bienvenido al terminar el primer día de la Expo.



El segundo día de la conferencia está dedicada a gente de hablar francés y italiano.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 09.00 SLT, 17.00 GMT, 18.00 CET

Cheops Forlife, Yann Minh, Michel Nachez, Federic Tordo:
Los caracteres numéricos del avatar. el uso de avatares para todos: actividades remotas en entornos 3D.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 10.00 SLT, 18.00 GMT, 19.00 CET

Lorenzo Soccavo: 
Desarrollar y explorar la lectura con OpenSim. La evolución futura de los libros, la literatura y la lectura.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 10.30 SLT, 18.30 GMT, 19.30 CET

Aime Sokrates:
Caminando por las creaciones de los alumnos.
El uso y los beneficios del desarrollo de entornos 3D en un ámbito escolar.


Una hora de descanso

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 12.00 SLT, 20.00 GMT, 21.00 CET

Roxelo Babenco:
El proyecto del Museo del Metaverso, la historia y los desarrollos futuros. La historia del MdM, la icónica galería de arte con raíces en SL y Craft.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 12.30 SLT, 20.30 GMT, 21.30 CET

Salahzar Stenvaag, Giliola Allen, Eva Kraai:
Una experiencia de intercambio de conocimiento. Conozca a Edu3d como comunidad de aprendizaje, sus clases de Blender, la metodología informal y el concepto de “flipped classroom”.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 13.30 SLT, 21.30 GMT, 22.30 CET

Cris Clooney:
La Dolce Vita. La historia de la construcción grupal, con malla y bots, que representa la famosa película de Fellini La Dolce Vita en Craft.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 14.00 SLT, 22.00 GMT, 23.00 CET

Thai Low:
Módulo de extensión Opensimulator: ePack mm.
La aplicación de un módulo complementario para evitar o reducir el uso de scripts para operaciones comunes, como poses de asientos y menús relacionados.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 14.30 SLT, 22.30 GMT, 23.30 CET

Wizardoz Chrome:
El arte en OpenSim. Un viaje fotográfico a través del arte en OpenSim, con referencias particulares al Musee d’Art Virtuelle on Ever grid.


Piense en la Expo como una oportunidad de mostrar y contar mundo virtual para personas cuyo primer idioma no es el inglés.

Las presentaciones serán en idioma nativo, los resúmenes traducidos a los otros idiomas y a inglés habrá en chat.

La HIE tendrá lugar en Craft-World

La Hypergrid International Expo 2017 está organizada porMal Burns of InWorld Review, and Thirza Ember of HG Safari.

¡Todo lo que queda por desear es que muchos visitantes interesados asistan y que la gran cacofonía se convierta en una gran eufonía!

Tosha Tyran