A trip to a sim where we learn all about cicisbeismo and other strange (Italian) customs…

These days I have heard quite a few questions about the school-regions on Craft-World and I thought to myself: if I post some info here about them, the questioning will stop and people will be happy and informed.

The thought was followed by the act – and off I was to the first school-region I found on the map: Settecento.

Oh… hmm… was I informed wrongly? I thought the teachings sims are here to actually show the kids how different learning can be. This however looked like something I had seen in school long, long ago (though not in Italian, I admit)

But a second look calmed my nerves – nope, never seen something like this in MY class rooms! I said a very stern “sit!” to the horse, it obeyed and I hopped onto it trying an elegant and appropriate lady’s seat. Judge for yourself – I did almost perfect.

Taking a look inside of the plush coach I found a couple of nice looking guys and started a polite conversation with them. But I guess they left their manners – well, I don’t know where! They did not respond to any of my chittering and just stared at their shoes. Maybe they were just shy. (Shy Italians? Well, who am I to tell?)

And then I found what seems to be the essence of the sim: Cicisbeismo! You don’t know what that means? Read this:

This practice (of cicisbeismo) was widespread, especially in the aristocratic families of Genoa, Nice, Venice, Florence and Rome. The selection of a Cicisbeo followed a fixed arrangement (cicisbeatura or cicisbeismo) that was supposed to prevent erotic relationships between lady and servant. He was chosen by the family of the lady from the family or closest circle of friends and it was even subject of marriage contracts. The mostly younger Cicisbeo had to be single and was not allowed to maintain any other relationships with women outside the Cicisbeats. Even clergy could fill this function.
Over time, the cicisbeismo also gained a frivolous connotation. If the Cicisbeo originally served more as a ‘watchdog’ for the lady, he could also play a key role in erotic escapades, especially since he was allowed to visit the lady unrestricted and without registration in her private rooms. Even a sexual relationship between lady and Cicisbeo could take place relatively easy.

Hey teachers! Are you sure this is a kid’s sim? To prevent further outrage I just stayed a while and then called Siberia to see his reaction to this somewhat strange custom of his ancestors.

As I had imagined, he did not stay quite as calm as a good Sicilian should in such a situation!

Ok, ok, I didn’t behave too stoically either and after some screaming and ranting…

… and chasing the poor guy around…

… I took a cold shower to cool off…

… tidied up again and asked the boys in the saloon if I could help them with their hairdoes. And look – they accepted. I truly think they look a lot better now! Those stiff wigs are really not very sexy.

Ok, cutie, now I have to kiss you and leave you to find my raging Sicilian, who does not seem to know nothing about CICISBEISMO!

This was a visit to a school sim. These regions in Craft-Word are closed and only teachers, students and assistents have access to them – so don’t even try to find them!

says Tosha and does not quite know if to giggle or feel indignant.

My view: Tosha reads Dante

A not too serious travel through the darkness of hell and the purgatory which ends – yuhuuuu – in heaven!

One odd morning I woke up and found myself – not in my bed but in a dark and scary forest. Trying to get out of that place, I found a huge wooden door with a rather well known sign:

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in!”
Now, it really took a while for me to overcome my fear, too much I was reminded of school – each time I had to write an exam: all hope abandon…
As soon as I had passed the door, I regretted it deeply! I was surrounded by running white, somewhat esoteric looking “people”. I soon learned, they once were people, they had passed to be souls by now – darn, what was I doing here? Turning around seeking to escape this hell, I found the door firmly locked. So much for that. Now all I could do was to go on. Run! To escape those terrible wasps that were everywhere.
Oh dear, oh dear.. now I had to stand in line waiting for a trip across those dark waters!
Crossing the waters with this kind looking guy? I had no choice…
The other side proved not much better. A horrible looking black dude was sitting there and wrapped each and every one up in his equally horrible tail and with a swift movement he indicated each of the poor lost souls which way they had to go. To me he only grinned and said: you young lady, that have intruded here, are bound to go to each and every station of this hell!
What did I do????
To be on the save side I decided: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” while waiting my turn for the next horror…
I have seen people with 2 faces… but dogs with 3 heads? A cold fear was taking possession of my heart…
Blubb-blubb-blubb… I liked diving in the mud when I was a kid. But then the rain never was black and I was surrounded by screaming and laughing friends and not by moaning and groaning souls…
At the next door a not really surprising scenario waited for me: An arrogant guy sitting high on a rock – yeah, make yourself bigger then you are, man!
I lost my good humor soon enough! those rocks having to be rolled up the hill to no avail were just too heavy. I desperately needed to get out of there!
Well, you can knock me down,
Step in my face,
Slander my name
All over the place.

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Honey, lay off of my shoes
Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

Sigh, I guess Elvis would not have survived this. My beautiful red suede boots a mess! I was sure, I could never get them cleaned again!
Here I was comfortable – but was I safe?
Horses? Men? Both? Neither? Oh noooo, Centaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!
By now my teeth were chattering so strongly – words failed…
Help! My head!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if Mary Poppins ever flew over a stream of blood… I kind of doubt it.
Gold can be nice – until you are stuck inside of it!
Arms and legs gone… at least I kept my head…
Arms and legs are back – so run, Tosha! But yikes! What are those red dots all over my skin?
Ok, ok, so you are the biggest…
An ice cold hand has gripped me…
Uff, I am being purged…
… blinded…
… left alone in the dark…
… tied together as a package…
… starved to death …
… and finally send to walk on red hot coals through a wall of flames …
Wow! Now this feels like paradise!

On my way to heaven!

Hurrah! I am not the only one!

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she’s gone.
Tosha in the sky with diamonds

Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is a scenario for schools, accredited teachers and school kids on Craft-World. It was build by Siberia Ilfreddopurifica (Heaven) and Tosha Tyran (Hell and Purgatory). The avatars for the roleplay were created by Eva Kraii.
It is – with rare exceptions – closed to the public.

Ah, I hope all the Dante lovers and convinced teachers will forgive my somewhat ironic way of seeing the things…

Tosha Tyran (in the sky with diamonds now)

We will hop you!

Buddy, you’re a young man, hard man
Shouting in the street, gonna take on the world someday
You got bood on your face, you big disgrace
Waving your hammer all over the place
We will, we will hop you, sing it!
We will, we will hop you, yeah!
(Queen – free interpration)

For sad HG Safarians or those that never had the joy to go on HG Safari with Thirza Ember here a real eye opener: a new group inworld – the HG Hoppers!

And for all residents of Craft-World furthermore: HG Hoppers are installing a base in Craft. A fabulous welcome to the community!

I had a long and interesting talk two of the group managers – Juliette Surrealdreaming and Art Blue – a few days ago. Juliette is an artist and author in RL, living in California, USA, Art is an artistic computer scientist (or a scientific computer artist, take it as you like), and also an author and resides in Germany. Both agreed, that they will put the focus of the group on art conservation, education and much more.

Tosha: Hi Juliette, hi Art, welcome to Craft-World and thank you for coming to talk with me.

Juliette: Hi Tosha, thank you.

Art: Hi Tosha, thank you for the welcome, in fact I was born in Craft World 4 years ago which makes me in dog times 4 * 15 as life is so hard here to survive to 60 years.

Juliette: OMG that is very funny.

Art: So virtual meets real, is a fact.

Juliette: Suffice it to say Art is just an old timer.

Tosha: Now, you and Art have decided to do the HG Hoppers…

Juliette: Art is the fearless leader, I’m just hopping along after him

Juliette Surrealdreaming

Tosha: Can you tell me what brought you to do this – because I assume it means a lot of work

Juliette: Well, we are doing it for a few reasons

Art: Hopping is harder as one might think as you dont know from to where until you hopped

Juliette: first art conservation, second education and third because Art decree we do it.

Tosha: That really sounds like an interesting aproach, especially the last point…

Juliette (smiles broadly)

Art: The focus is on certified hopping, but it would have sounded strange to say HG certified hoppers let’s hop

Juliette: (laughs)

Tosha: Then you have special places in mind – I mean you go with a certain claim?

Juliette: We are open to visiting any server / grid / sim we are invited to bring the hoppers to. We’d like to visit them ourselves and so what better way than with a small group?

Tosha: Even if they are not special places like art/education?

Juliette: Absolutely. Because there are so many wonderful theme servers built and hidden nooks and crannies so many of us don’t know about that are open to the public. We consider ourselves to be multi-grid hoppers really.

Tosha: yes! I am travelling around lately myself a bit more then and find really surprising places.

Juliette: (smiles) Yes, it’s amazing what is available

Tosha: Do you understand yourselves as sort of “follow-ups” of Thirza Ember?

Juliette: Absolutely! We were HG Safarrians and when she retired, Art got with her and asked how she felt if we continued doing something. So yes, Thirza might be coined the “grandmother” of hopping. lol

Tosha: Very cool. I love to know that her work continues in this way

Art: I have to add – which brings me back to certified … when there is a backup we hop also to private home servers. Such severs are not used to high traffic and I dont want that some hoppers get stuck and have to relog a few times and finally we might have to give up

Art Blue

Juliette: Well we will always run into that periodically I think

Tosha: Oh, but that is half of the fun, Art, that people land without their hair or only half the cloths on

Juliette: I do agree Tosha. It’s the “drama” of the hoppers – and what is life without drama?

Tosha: But things are going much smoother lately I feel

Juliette: I’m experiencing less difficulty. In the beginning, which is not long, I was so very unsure

Tosha: Are you going to publish your trips?

Juliette: We have a blog

Art: A backup exists even right now for the next hop on Feb 28 to Craft World, presenting Women in art. Juliette?

Juliette: And of course we love anyone who blogs about the tours. That is how word of mouth travels in virtual worlds it seems. We also have a fb as you probably know

Art: Back to Juliette’s saying Thirza is the grandmother of hopping. We have one of the grandmothers in our founding team: WizardOz Chrome

Juliette: She is our “ambassador” so to speak

Tosha: Yes! will she also be active?

Juliette: She has been thus far

Tosha: Good! She is such a talented lady! and sweet! A good combination

Juliette: Yes she is and yes she is. Art and I adore her to be honest and take all measures to support her work

Tosha: How often do you think your hopping will be?

Art: The HG Hoppers group exists in every main grid: Metropolis, OS-grid, Francogrid and now Craft World

The Hopper’s new base – still in construction – in Craft

Juliette: We’re starting off slow… just once a month and for only 1 hour upt to 1 1/2 hours max

Tosha: I am flattered you consider craft a main grid, Art (smiles)

Juliette: 3 hours was too long for me personally. So the places we visit are for about 30 minutes each.

Art: That’s different to HG Safari … as Juliette said, never longer than 90 minutes

Juliette: We feel people will return to interesting locations now they know of it and have the LM.

Tosha: So you plan to visit 3 places each time you go?

Juliette: Two. With a spill over if needed to a 3rd. Occasionally it might only be one location if something special happens… we never know

Art: it can be 45 + 15 or a mix of times up to 90 max. But usually 60 min in total

Tosha: Will you have a jour fix?

Juliette: Yes, we have a fixed day of the week, time of the week and place to start.

Juliette: Thursday, 1pm PDT or 22h CET, at Futurelab in metropolis

Tosha: How do you organize your tours?

Juliette: We connect with interested people and then secure a date.

Juliette: We are already lined up through March.

Juliette: February 28 we come to Craft-World.

Art: Lets speak about Feb 28 as I said: Women in art: Xirana Oximoxi

A sneak preview of Xirana Oximoxi’s exhibition

Tosha: The woman with the many x’s yes

Juliette: (laughs) Yes. She’s going to give a history talk

Tosha: What is your preferred focus?

Juliette: Well almost everything except nightclubs, stripclubs that sort of thing. Those are for people to do privately. We are looking for craft in builders and themes and of course artist and education and fantasy and sci fi and westerns (laughs) – you name it

Art: I have to come back on certified … we only visit places that are outstanding … it has to fit to the global mission of quality that deserves to become museal over time

Juliette (nods to Art)

Art: We have only 10 hops a year

Tosha: Outstanding places is a high standard. Who decides what is outstanding?

Juliette: Well if we like it then that’s the decision

Art: I decide and Julette rebells

Juliette: (laughs loud) NO

Tosha: Never let anyone dictate you

Juliette: Oh he tries (points to Art and smiles)

Tosha: Men, Juliette, they are that way

Juliette: SMH. what is wrong with them?????

Tosha: They just can’t help it

Juliette: I know right?! (sighs)

Tosha: (laughs), I think many, many women asked that kind of question!

Juliette: I just smile and nod at him when he tells me what to do and then when he leaves I just do what I want… Just teasing Art… I obey

Art: Hopping means also technology and Juliette has to pass on this, so the last card is on me to play

Juliette (rolls her eyes)

Art: you know the TOS entry to Craft World I posted on this https://hypergridhop.com/2019/01/30/all-right-world/

Tosha: Art, you scare me a little

Juliette: Sometimes I have to re-focus that mind of his Tosha, it spins out of control way out there sometimes. So I rebel and that does the trick

Art: Maybe you can finally share the timetable of what is already set up Juliette?

Juliette: Of course, Art. We have the following scheduled:

  • February 28 We will visit the Kitsune Temple on Metropolis and take a look at the forthcoming 2020 1Biennale A LIVING DOOR.
  • Then we will travel to Xirana’s gallery.
  • March 28 we will visit Tryad & Loru’s server, for art and fashion.
  • Then visit Avatarfest, which is now called Opensims Fest2019
  • in April… we are hoping to secure a visit to former VHS and the other location not 100% yet

Tosha: What is VHS?

Juliette: It’s an educational server, focused on builders and language. But there might be more than we know… we’re finding out, but it is fascinating.

Tosha: But your staff is bigger I saw in fb

Art: Everyone who comes is part and can make suggestions, we had a planning council round on this in December

Art: About the focus of technology: We presented in January the first opensim native coded Mesh avatars. We plan also to show a camera control tool for artists to move their visitor smoothly in an immersive way along their installation … known originally as Harpers tools. And coded fresh, not a sort of import by third particles. Ashton Tate, prof. at Edingburgh university VR has supervised the creation

Juliette: uhm… (looks to Art)

Tosha: What is a native coded mesh avatar, please?

Juliette: Legal not stolen and uploaded, to be blunt

Tosha: Ok. Also the camera control tool sounds interesting

Juliette: Yes and it was Art and Daniel who brought forth our OAR system technology… really interesting stuff

Art: OAR uploder usable for artists with no land access tools needed for it

Juliette: It is… so those two bring in the technology, I just learn it. I believe we’ll be bringing OAR to our craft-world sim, isn’t that true Art?

Art: Same of particle performances: sitting outside of a sim on a stick that turns to the place of the performance so only the performer is in the region, all the visitors are on a root-prim outside this sim

Juliette: We plan to develop a bit of a demo area here at Craft-World… so we’ll be showing those things in the future. Our technology strives for low lag.

Art: You may say like a fisherman stands on the land and gets fish from the middle of the lake

Juliette: Good analogy Art. Tosha, he’s always about the fish

Tosha: Maybe he lives in a desert 😛

Juliette: (laughs)

Art: Juliette means Neurotic Fish (a German Future-Pop-Project, TT) Future-Pop-Projekt) https://youtu.be/Ywfs07VFdpM

If you had made me choose
Which sense Id like to lose,
Id rather choose my sight.
No need to see in darkest night.
A thousand voices in my head,
A million thoughts need to be said,
And understood.
I know I would.

That is from Neurotic Fish, Juliette meant.

Juliette: Fish, bunnies… you name it… he chases it

Tosha: I meant neurotic desert

Juliette: (laughs)

Tosha: But does that not hinder the contact? I mean, it is nice to be amidst the things. to bump into walls once in a while, to open doors and so on

Juliette: Not really because it allows for more people to join in. And we do plenty of that Tosha! But for performances or special events however we can lower the lag is best.

Tosha: Ok, understood

Juliette: Yes, be like me, smile and nod

Art: We are not as complicated as it looks: we want to grow in numbers

Juliette: Yeah that’s the bottom line. All the rest is just icing on the cake.

Tosha: Grow by complication

Juliette: I’m looking for a complication (smiles)

Tosha: Well, actually, I am not really an enemy of complications either

Juliette: Yeah… they simplify life

Tosha: Uh, they make it fun – sometimes

Juliette: (laughs)

Tosha: Well, really, I think we are up to exciting times with the two of you!

Art: Just come, join HG Hopper and get to see – like on Feb 28 a brief look into the history of Women in Art setup in virtual words with elements you cant do in real created by the painter Xirana Oximoxi living in Craft World

Juliette (smiles)

Tosha: I really love your ideas. Thanks for sharing them!

Here a couple of useful links to the HG-Hoppers:

And now: Let’s hop with Juliette and Art!


As if I walked in a dream

Far from the world’s market and its colorful life
Lies, inconspicuous and simple,
A land left to the mercy of the waves
That break foamingly on its banks.

I will always keep a faithful love
For this small, sea-wet island:
It is the land where once, many years ago
My cradle stood;

Where I lived the most beautiful time
Where I laughed and played and felt engulfed
by endless love and happiness,
Until homeless I went abroad.

Though it seems a patch of earth forsaken
Small and insignificant to the eye,
It can grasp the deepest misery
And can carry the highest happiness.

I am often drawn to the small island,
And seeking peace, I rush to it.
The memories strong chains
Tie my heart to it.

Today I stood there again and looked
Out to the sea, listening to its sound,
That, not interrupted by civilization’s screaming,
Sang its melancholy song to me.

I saw – shivering with fear –
Only pictures of transience.
My little island! I thought with mourning,
So defenseless, so doomed.

Its shores are rugged and torn,
The waves roll into it with greedy lust,
As if the sea is longing to enclose it
And to pull it wildly down to its chest.

How long? – Who raises the seal of the future?
Who will offer answers to me?
Who can stop the mighty wings
Of the all devouring time?


Uta Warbaum, the creator of this beautiful island, is a German woman who, according to her own words, does not like very much to be in public. She just wants to build, relax and be left in peace. This peace and relaxation you can really feel on Deja-vu, her truly fascinating, somewhat melancholy island. It fills me with a dreamy sensation of – yes – of deja-vu! Thank you Uta for that wonderful place.

Deja-vu, Craft-World is worth a visit and a long, long stay,
says Tosha Tyran…


Chocolate Party at Craft-World – a preview

Chocolate sheer, hard, soft, liquid – to eat, lick, smear, drink, chew – in milk, cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream…
Chocolate for each taste, in different colors and with ingredients from fruity, juicy, sour to sweet and even spicy.
Chocolate for the kids, the young, for adults, for the old and the very old.
Chocolate to nourish you, to please you, to heal you, to tickle you taste and to feed your soul.


We have found some more uses for chocolate: To build with, to walk on, dance on, stand and run and slip on. We build mountains of pure chocolate, rivers and lakes overflowing with sweet milk and grounds without the smallest bit of grass – too thick are the layers of chocolate everywhere.
Houses and huts are covered by chocolate bars and candies, doughnuts and meringues grow on trees. On some cakes you can sit and rest or go for a short trip or – well, be surprised…

We have cookies flying through the air, humming and bumping into each other and into you if you come too close.
Don’t fear to run out of your favorite sweets – little gingerbread men are busily running to and fro bringing new supplies.

This is the perfect place for those among us (like me) who are insurmountably lazy and like to lay down comfortably and have the food fly into our mouths. No cooking, no shopping, no cleaning – just lay there and have candies swirl through the air, unpacking themselves while they aim at our mouth. Doughnuts that fetch a glass of milk on their way to us. Gingerbread men that not only work for our well being, but also taste good if we bite into them (no worries – they don’t mind).

Sigh – like all wonders and miracles also this one is an “almost lie” and has a very short life – one day and one night – and woosh – it disappears again. So the least we can do is party our Cockaigne, our Schlaraffenland, our Land of Milk and Honey, our País de Jauja… Let’s dance, play, discover strange and funny and senseless things, let’s talk and whisper and sing along with the music.

When? November the 6th, 2018, 12:00 pm SLT,
___________________________ 9:00 PM Rome/Berlin,
___________________________ 3:00 PM New York,
___________________________ 6:00 PM Sao Paulo,
___________________________ 7:00 AM (Nov. 7th) Sidney
Where? The region Chameleon, Craft-World
Excuses not to come? Not one!


Dor het wen püttjert!

Ick bün alltiet verbaast, wat för wunnerschööne Oort in Craft wen finnen kunn, wenn hei odder sei bloots nipp un nau kieken deit!

Vanacht to ’n Bispill bün  ick to “Medieval Castle” komen – un dat hett een ole Minne-Leed in mün Kopp brocht. Dat Leed is plattdütsk – also de Rest van de Text ook!Dat du min Leevsten büst, dat du woll weeßt.
Kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht, segg wo du heeßt;
kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht, segg wo du heeßt.
Kumm du üm Middernacht, kumm du Klock een!
Vader slöpt, Moder slöpt, ick slap aleen;
Vader slöpt, Moder slöpt, ick slap aleen.
Klopp an de Kammerdör, fat an de Klink!
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind;
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind.Kumm to de Kammer rin, swieg ok fien still,
links steiht een Schapp, rechts steiht een Schapp, meern steiht dat Bett;
links steiht een Schapp, rechts steiht een Schapp, meern steiht dat Bett.
Gah op dat Bett hento, liesen un still,
baben liggt een Deck, ünnen liggt een Deck, meern dat bün ick;
baben liggt een Deck, ünnen liggt een Deck, meern dat bün ick.
Wenn du nich kommen magst, lat dat man blieven,
fief ohn di, fief ohn di, kann ick wohl kreegen;
fief ohn di, fief ohn di, kann ick wohl kreegen.Kummt denn de Morgenstund, kreiht de ol Hahn.
Leevster min Leevster min, denn mößt du gahn!
Leevster min Leevster min, denn mößt du gahn!
Sachen den Gang henlank, lies mit de Klink!
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind;
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind.Nun wieder hochdeutsch – platt ist auf die Dauer zu anstrengend… Aber
Hab ich nicht Recht?
Wer diese wunderschöne Mesh Burg mit dazugehörigem Dorf, Dom, Zeltlager, Rittersaal und einer rundum beeindruckenden Landschaft besuchen will:
Craft-World.org:8002:Medieval Castle
Gebaut, bzw. adaptiert wurde das Kunstwerk von Leora JacobusIch wünsche allen BesucherInnen eben soviel Spaß, wie ich hatte – und vielleicht kommen euch ja auch witzige, ironische oder romantische Lieder in den Sinn…

Tosha Tyran

PS: Ok, ok, für alle des Plattdeutschen NICHT mächtigen, hier die Übersetzung ins Hochdeutsch:
Titel: Da hat aber jemand gearbeitet!
Text: Ich bin immer wieder überrascht, was für wunderschöne Orte in Craft zu finden sind, wenn man nur richtig guckt.
Gestern Nacht z.B. bin ich im “Medieval Castle” gewesen – und sogleich fiel mir ein altes Liebeslied ein – das Lied ist auf Plattdeutsch, also der Rest des Textes auch.
Kurze Erklärung zum Lied: Das Lied ist mit Sicherheit nicht so alt, wie so eine Ritterburg – aber es ist einfach mein Lieblingslied und so habe ich beschlossen, es mit euch zu teilen.
Hier ein Link

El mundo es un lugar bastante pequeño

Ο κόσμος είναι ένα αρκετά μικρό μέρος
Μη σκέφτεσαι το μέλλον
Δεν θα αργήσει
Δεν πειράζει
Βρίσκονται άλλοι
(Νίκος Ερηνάκης)

El mundo es un lugar bastante pequeño
No pienses en el futuro
Que no tardará en venir
Pero no importa
Habrá otros
(Nikos Erinakis)

Hay un lugar nuevo en Craft: La sim Honebu, junto a la grande dama “The Black Angel”, el crucero de Licu Rau yTao Quan con un sinfin de rincones sorprendientes – de cabinas lujosas a una suite de luna de miel, una discoteca y sitios para relajar y – vamos, ¡demasiado para contarlo aquí!Ahora, en Honebu hay un pueblito griego en el mar, con un puerto pequñito, un bar llamativo, un hotel de cinco estrellas y con piscina de agua de mar. Partiendo del crucero llegas directamente por un caminito lindo al hotel sí así deseas o te paseas un ratito en la promenada del pueblo con palmeras y flores llegando al Μπαρ από το λιμάνι, el bar del puerto. Y – naturalmente – al mismo puerto con sus molinos de viento tradicionales.Ten cuidado de no tomar demasiado, porque una gran parte del pueblo está en la montaña – es decir ¡escaleras, escaleras, escaleras! Escaleras demasiado peligrosas para subir y bajar borracho…Pero antes de atacar las escaleras igual daremos una vuelta por el centro del pueblo. ¡Acción salva-piernas! y veremos que se puede discubrir aquí.Empezamos en la plaza central con el Δημαρχείο, el ayuntamiento de nuestro pueblito.Ah, casi me olvidé: También en el centro del pueblo hay una que otra escalera…Y gatos… Porque según nuestra amiga Maria los griegos aman a los gatos porque les protejen contra los serpientes. ¿Será verdad? Yo por lo menos soy mas familiar con los gatos que comen ratones. Pero como todo el mundo sabe: lugares diferentes, maneras diferentes. Bueno, y ahora ¡al ataque! 

Os deseamos una feliz y divertida visita en una Grecia sin problemas económicas, sin bancos internacionales y sin governadores corruptos… algo es algo!


PS: Dentro de pocos días todas los artículos, que por supuesto son todos mesh,  de Honebu serán libres de copiar par quien sea.

Alle reden vom Wetter…

… ich nicht!

Ich wollt’, ich wär’ des Sturmes Weib,
Es sollte mir nicht grausen,
Auf Felsenhöhen wohnt ich dann,
Dort, wo die Adler hausen.

Die Sonne wäre mein Gespiel,
Die Winde meine Knappen,
Mit dem Gemahl führ’ ich dahin
Auf flücht’gem Wolkenrappen.

Frei würd’ ich sein und stolz und groß,
Die Königin der Ferne,
Tief unter mir die dumpfe Welt
Und über mir die Sterne!

Aber so einfach geht das nicht, des Sturmes Weib zu werden. Also musste ich mir flugs was anderes einfallen lassen – die viele Sonne geht mir auf’s Gemüt. Und so habe meine Ski eingepackt, die Schlittschuh nicht vergessen und bin für ein paar Tage in die Berge – Montes – gegangen.

Köstlich! Nur Schnee und Kälte, schroffe Felsen und eiskaltes Wasser – das kühlt das Mütchen… Der Himmel grau verhangen, da hat die Sonne nicht die kleinste Chance, das Leben in eine gleißende Hölle zu tauchen. Übrigens: das Pünktchen zwischen Himmel und Erde ist Tosha, die Himmelsstürmerin!

Nicht nur das Mütchen will bekanntlich gekühlt sein, sondern auch die Füße. Da kam mir dieser reißende Strom mit eiskaltem Wasser gerade recht… Die Stiefel fanden das zwar doof – aber wenn kümmert das?

Noch ein kurzer Blick in die Tiefe und dann: Her mit den Ski!

Aber dann schien mir der Berg doch etwas reichlich hoch. Und außerdem hatte ich die Ski-Stiefel vergessen. Dann lieber eine Runde Schlittschuh laufen.

Mitten beim allerschönsten Pirouette üben fing es mit einem Mal richtig ernsthaft zu schneien an. Brrr… So hatte ich das eigentlich nicht vorgestellt.

Als der Schnee sich zu einem wahren Schneesturm auswuchs, habe ich dann doch entschieden, mich lieber in die Hütte zurück zu ziehen und schön Käffchen zu trinken. Wer weiß, was hier noch so alles auf mich wartete…

Hmmm, auf den Latin Lover habe ich allerdings vergeblich gewartet – hat mich doch glatt versetzt. Maldición! Dann wiederum – man hört ja auch so einiges von diesen Herren. Vielleicht war es ja gut so!

Noch ein letzter – einsamer – Blick auf das eisige Panorama und ich fühlte mich wieder für Sonne, Strand, Wellen und Meer gestärkt. Tschö, Montes! Tschö, ihr Berge und schneige Höhen!

Montes ist ein Teil von “Mainland Craft” und wurde von Licu Rau gebaut.

Mit herrlich kalten Füßen grüßt ihre geschätzte Leserschaft

Tosha Tyran