A trip to a sim where we learn all about cicisbeismo and other strange (Italian) customs…

These days I have heard quite a few questions about the school-regions on Craft-World and I thought to myself: if I post some info here about them, the questioning will stop and people will be happy and informed.

The thought was followed by the act – and off I was to the first school-region I found on the map: Settecento.

Oh… hmm… was I informed wrongly? I thought the teachings sims are here to actually show the kids how different learning can be. This however looked like something I had seen in school long, long ago (though not in Italian, I admit)

But a second look calmed my nerves – nope, never seen something like this in MY class rooms! I said a very stern “sit!” to the horse, it obeyed and I hopped onto it trying an elegant and appropriate lady’s seat. Judge for yourself – I did almost perfect.

Taking a look inside of the plush coach I found a couple of nice looking guys and started a polite conversation with them. But I guess they left their manners – well, I don’t know where! They did not respond to any of my chittering and just stared at their shoes. Maybe they were just shy. (Shy Italians? Well, who am I to tell?)

And then I found what seems to be the essence of the sim: Cicisbeismo! You don’t know what that means? Read this:

This practice (of cicisbeismo) was widespread, especially in the aristocratic families of Genoa, Nice, Venice, Florence and Rome. The selection of a Cicisbeo followed a fixed arrangement (cicisbeatura or cicisbeismo) that was supposed to prevent erotic relationships between lady and servant. He was chosen by the family of the lady from the family or closest circle of friends and it was even subject of marriage contracts. The mostly younger Cicisbeo had to be single and was not allowed to maintain any other relationships with women outside the Cicisbeats. Even clergy could fill this function.
Over time, the cicisbeismo also gained a frivolous connotation. If the Cicisbeo originally served more as a ‘watchdog’ for the lady, he could also play a key role in erotic escapades, especially since he was allowed to visit the lady unrestricted and without registration in her private rooms. Even a sexual relationship between lady and Cicisbeo could take place relatively easy.

Hey teachers! Are you sure this is a kid’s sim? To prevent further outrage I just stayed a while and then called Siberia to see his reaction to this somewhat strange custom of his ancestors.

As I had imagined, he did not stay quite as calm as a good Sicilian should in such a situation!

Ok, ok, I didn’t behave too stoically either and after some screaming and ranting…

… and chasing the poor guy around…

… I took a cold shower to cool off…

… tidied up again and asked the boys in the saloon if I could help them with their hairdoes. And look – they accepted. I truly think they look a lot better now! Those stiff wigs are really not very sexy.

Ok, cutie, now I have to kiss you and leave you to find my raging Sicilian, who does not seem to know nothing about CICISBEISMO!

This was a visit to a school sim. These regions in Craft-Word are closed and only teachers, students and assistents have access to them – so don’t even try to find them!

says Tosha and does not quite know if to giggle or feel indignant.

My view: Tosha reads Dante

A not too serious travel through the darkness of hell and the purgatory which ends – yuhuuuu – in heaven!

One odd morning I woke up and found myself – not in my bed but in a dark and scary forest. Trying to get out of that place, I found a huge wooden door with a rather well known sign:

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in!”
Now, it really took a while for me to overcome my fear, too much I was reminded of school – each time I had to write an exam: all hope abandon…
As soon as I had passed the door, I regretted it deeply! I was surrounded by running white, somewhat esoteric looking “people”. I soon learned, they once were people, they had passed to be souls by now – darn, what was I doing here? Turning around seeking to escape this hell, I found the door firmly locked. So much for that. Now all I could do was to go on. Run! To escape those terrible wasps that were everywhere.
Oh dear, oh dear.. now I had to stand in line waiting for a trip across those dark waters!
Crossing the waters with this kind looking guy? I had no choice…
The other side proved not much better. A horrible looking black dude was sitting there and wrapped each and every one up in his equally horrible tail and with a swift movement he indicated each of the poor lost souls which way they had to go. To me he only grinned and said: you young lady, that have intruded here, are bound to go to each and every station of this hell!
What did I do????
To be on the save side I decided: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” while waiting my turn for the next horror…
I have seen people with 2 faces… but dogs with 3 heads? A cold fear was taking possession of my heart…
Blubb-blubb-blubb… I liked diving in the mud when I was a kid. But then the rain never was black and I was surrounded by screaming and laughing friends and not by moaning and groaning souls…
At the next door a not really surprising scenario waited for me: An arrogant guy sitting high on a rock – yeah, make yourself bigger then you are, man!
I lost my good humor soon enough! those rocks having to be rolled up the hill to no avail were just too heavy. I desperately needed to get out of there!
Well, you can knock me down,
Step in my face,
Slander my name
All over the place.

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Honey, lay off of my shoes
Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

Sigh, I guess Elvis would not have survived this. My beautiful red suede boots a mess! I was sure, I could never get them cleaned again!
Here I was comfortable – but was I safe?
Horses? Men? Both? Neither? Oh noooo, Centaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!
By now my teeth were chattering so strongly – words failed…
Help! My head!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if Mary Poppins ever flew over a stream of blood… I kind of doubt it.
Gold can be nice – until you are stuck inside of it!
Arms and legs gone… at least I kept my head…
Arms and legs are back – so run, Tosha! But yikes! What are those red dots all over my skin?
Ok, ok, so you are the biggest…
An ice cold hand has gripped me…
Uff, I am being purged…
… blinded…
… left alone in the dark…
… tied together as a package…
… starved to death …
… and finally send to walk on red hot coals through a wall of flames …
Wow! Now this feels like paradise!

On my way to heaven!

Hurrah! I am not the only one!

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she’s gone.
Tosha in the sky with diamonds

Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is a scenario for schools, accredited teachers and school kids on Craft-World. It was build by Siberia Ilfreddopurifica (Heaven) and Tosha Tyran (Hell and Purgatory). The avatars for the roleplay were created by Eva Kraii.
It is – with rare exceptions – closed to the public.

Ah, I hope all the Dante lovers and convinced teachers will forgive my somewhat ironic way of seeing the things…

Tosha Tyran (in the sky with diamonds now)

Voyage to the center of the Earth

“Hmmm”, said he, turning the light on and out, on and out. “Hmmm”.
“Oh dear. But you are driving my mad. Couldn’t you leave the lamp alone?”
Klick, klick, klick.
With a sigh he pushed the lamp to the other side of the table and looked at her questioningly. Then he got reluctantly out of his chair.
“Ok, I pack and we shall find the vulcano at the center of the earth. Come then, woman, get ready!”

After many days of traveling, of hunger and thirst, of blisters and curses they found it: the center volcano!

The explosions were tremendous, fearsome, blinding and deafening. Yet strangely enough they did not make them fear – rather open their mouths wide as if to shout for joy and throw up their arms with delight.   

Now there was no stopping anymore… closer and closer, higher and higher they had to climb, swim through the rough sea, get up painfully onto the next mountain and even into the very eye of the volcano. And here they found the last, the gigantic and best hidden  secret of this world!
The Dinosaurs are not dead! They merely have withdrawn to the center volcano. Here they found shelter, food, warmth and the company of their own! 

She did not feel comfortable or even too confident with those huge, somehow outdated animals… He on the other hand made friends with them astonishingly fast – was he not normally a rather shy man? 

Even as the sky lit up with a furious luminescence and the eyes of the animals lit up with a strange glow, he rode them confidentially from one shore to the other.

What might have been the subject of their endless philosophical discussions?

At the very same moment she saw the image  reflected in those four eyes looking at her irritated – she was disturbing their philosophy! For a split second she wondered that she actually saw her violent end more then feeling it. The strongest sensation however was  the slight shrugging of his shoulders which she perceived almost physically:
“Not my zoo, not my monkeys.”

Life was good.

Thank you, Licu Rau,
for the making of a sim with such a strange name “Yog-Sothoth”. Even as a mere test region it is absolutely inspiring!
Thank you, Lancelot Delvalle,
for the set of nice cuddly animals, that invite to play and have fun (always with care though, always with care!)
Thank you, Siberia,
for you patience posing and baering with my silliness – though your last phrase (“not my zoo…” sure was somewhat cruel).

Tosha Tyran. .  .  .    .     .     .       .        .       .         .          .           .             .              .                    .      

Cherry Manga has done it again!

The incredible Cherry Manga has turned part of a Craft region – Metaverso, a traditional Italian city – into a bewitching, unforgettable light experience!

Just go and look for yourself – but take your time to allow this wonderful experience sink into you!

We have heard that Licu Rau, owner of the region, has asked also other artists to join into the light experience. What a wonderful idea! So you might just look around the city and find some other flashing surprises!


Infant found in stable

Breaking News:
Police and youth welfare office investigate – carpenters from Nazareth and minor mother provisionally arrested.

BETHLEHEM, JUDAEA, dpa – In the early morning hours authorities were alerted by a concerned citizen who had discovered a young family living in a stable. On arrival, social service officials assisted by police officers found a baby who had been wrapped in strips of cloth by his 14-year-old mother, a certain Maria H. of Nazareth.

Maria H. and her infant were found in these highly questionable hygienic circumstances. On the right: Josef H. (Photos: T. Tyran)

While the officials tried to take mother and child into custody, a man later identified as Joseph H., also from Nazareth, tried to stop them. Joseph H.,  assisted by some shepherds and three unidentified foreigners, was prevented from doing so by the police.

The three foreigners who called themselves “wise men” of an eastern country were arrested. Both, the Department of the Interior and Customs Authorities are looking for clues about the origins of these three men, who appear to be illegally in the country. A spokesman of the police said they carried no identification, but were in possession of gold, as well as some potentially dangerous substances. They resisted arrest and claimed that God had told them to go home immediately and avoid any contact with official authorities. The found chemicals were sent to the Crime Lab for further investigation.

The three strangers claiming to be “wise men” 

The whereabouts of the baby will not be disclosed until further notice. A quick clarification of the whole case seems very doubtful. In response to questions, a Social Services employee said, “The father is middle-aged and the mother is definitely under the age, and we’re checking with the authorities in Nazareth to find out, what type of relationship they might have.”

Maria H. was taken to the district hospital in Bethlehem for medical and psychiatric examinations.  Because she claims, she is still a virgin, and the infant is from God, her mental state is being scrutinized.  An official statement from the head of the psychiatry says: “it is not up to us to tell people what to believe, but if that belief leads to a newborn being endangered, as in this case, then these people must be considered dangerous. The fact that drugs that were probably distributed by the foreigners is not helping to raise confidence, but we are sure that all involved will be able to return to normal life within a few years, if they get the necessary treatment. ”

Maria H. in the local hospital (Photo: our contact person in the psychiatry – name is known to the editors)

Finally, this information reached us: The shepherds declared unisono that a tall man in a white nightgown with wings (!) on his back ordered them to visit the stable and bring out cheers for the newborn on the day of his birth. A spokesman of the drug investigation said, “That’s pretty much the dumbest excuse of stoned junkies I’ve ever heard.”

La gran cacofonía

HIE-1(3 Fotos: Thirza Ember)

La “Expo Internacional del Hypergrid” (HIE) es un intento de presentar a un público multinacional lo que se organiza, se construye, se planea en los diferentes grids en este llamado Mundo Virtual.


Hace semanas ya que un equipo de gente muy dedicada trabaja para hacer este gran evento realmente algo memorable para la comunidad de OpenSim.


En dos días se presentarán diferentes discursos – el primer día será dedicada a los avatares de hablar alemán y español:

Sábado, 16-12-2017, 09.00 SLT, 17.00 GMT, 18.00 CET

 Cheops Forlife, Loru Destiny, Mal Burns, Tosha Tyran, Thirza Ember:
Charla sobre “Las muchas voces del OpenSim”
Como enriquecen y complican las muchas idiomas de OpenSim la vida en el hyperverso.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 09.30 SLT, 17.30 GMT, 18.30 CET

Dieter Heyne:
Mundos virtuales basados en la web y el camino hacia un viewer-navegador para el hypergrid. Los desafíos involucrados, la planificación y los pasos para desarrollar un viewer-navegador para el hypergrid.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 10.00 SLT, 18.00 GMT, 19.00 CET

Tosha Tyran:
Craft-World, el comienzo de un romance maravilloso.
Un paseo por Craft-World desde el principio hasta el presente.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 10.30 SLT, 18.30 GMT, 19.30 CET

Art Blue:
La conservación del arte digital a través del simulador abierto – manteniendo vivos los primeros pasos del arte digital inmersivo.


Una hora de descanso

Sábado, 16-12-2017, 12.00 SLT, 20.00 GMT, 21.00 CET

Karima Hoisan:
La poesia hecha una realidad virtual. Cómo OpenSim, específicamente Kitely, ha hecho posible dar vida a la poesía.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 12.30 SLT, 20.30 GMT, 21.30 CET

Eugenia Calderon:
Los Mundos Virtuales como herramientas en la enseñanza del español.



Sábado, 16-12-2017, 13.00 SLT, 21.00 GMT, 22.00 CET

Cherry Manga:
Fest’Avi y vestuarios.
Cómo surgió la idea para el evento anual Fest’Avi, con algunos ejemplos de avatares,  cómo se hacen y se muestran.


Sábado, 16-12-2017, 13.30 SLT, 21.30 GMT, 22.30 CET

Wolem Wobbit:
El guitarista de blues alemán tocará live para nosotr@s en el area de bienvenido al terminar el primer día de la Expo.



El segundo día de la conferencia está dedicada a gente de hablar francés y italiano.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 09.00 SLT, 17.00 GMT, 18.00 CET

Cheops Forlife, Yann Minh, Michel Nachez, Federic Tordo:
Los caracteres numéricos del avatar. el uso de avatares para todos: actividades remotas en entornos 3D.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 10.00 SLT, 18.00 GMT, 19.00 CET

Lorenzo Soccavo: 
Desarrollar y explorar la lectura con OpenSim. La evolución futura de los libros, la literatura y la lectura.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 10.30 SLT, 18.30 GMT, 19.30 CET

Aime Sokrates:
Caminando por las creaciones de los alumnos.
El uso y los beneficios del desarrollo de entornos 3D en un ámbito escolar.


Una hora de descanso

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 12.00 SLT, 20.00 GMT, 21.00 CET

Roxelo Babenco:
El proyecto del Museo del Metaverso, la historia y los desarrollos futuros. La historia del MdM, la icónica galería de arte con raíces en SL y Craft.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 12.30 SLT, 20.30 GMT, 21.30 CET

Salahzar Stenvaag, Giliola Allen, Eva Kraai:
Una experiencia de intercambio de conocimiento. Conozca a Edu3d como comunidad de aprendizaje, sus clases de Blender, la metodología informal y el concepto de “flipped classroom”.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 13.30 SLT, 21.30 GMT, 22.30 CET

Cris Clooney:
La Dolce Vita. La historia de la construcción grupal, con malla y bots, que representa la famosa película de Fellini La Dolce Vita en Craft.


Domingo, 17-12-2017, 14.00 SLT, 22.00 GMT, 23.00 CET

Thai Low:
Módulo de extensión Opensimulator: ePack mm.
La aplicación de un módulo complementario para evitar o reducir el uso de scripts para operaciones comunes, como poses de asientos y menús relacionados.

Domingo, 17-12-2017, 14.30 SLT, 22.30 GMT, 23.30 CET

Wizardoz Chrome:
El arte en OpenSim. Un viaje fotográfico a través del arte en OpenSim, con referencias particulares al Musee d’Art Virtuelle on Ever grid.


Piense en la Expo como una oportunidad de mostrar y contar mundo virtual para personas cuyo primer idioma no es el inglés.

Las presentaciones serán en idioma nativo, los resúmenes traducidos a los otros idiomas y a inglés habrá en chat.

La HIE tendrá lugar en Craft-World craft-world.org:8002:HIEexpo

La Hypergrid International Expo 2017 está organizada porMal Burns of InWorld Review, and Thirza Ember of HG Safari.

¡Todo lo que queda por desear es que muchos visitantes interesados asistan y que la gran cacofonía se convierta en una gran eufonía!

Tosha Tyran





Von Riesen und Meerjungfrauen, Santa Claus und einer gefährlichen Bootsfahrt

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! Ich rieche Menschenfleisch. Ob lebendig oder tot, Ich mahle seine Knochen und back mir ein Brot. (Jack und die Bohnenranke, englisches Volksmärchen)

Ein bisschen gruselte es schon, die riesige Leiter hinaufzuklettern immer der Bohnenranke nach – war das Ziel doch in dichten Wolken verborgen. Würde ich, wie Jack, auf einen Riesen stoßen da oben, würde der die arme Tosha fressen wollen?

Aber natürlich konnte ich mich vor meinem Begleiter Siberia nicht bloßstellen und tappte mutig, Stück für Stück, die Bohnenranke hoch.

Zum Glück gab es dann doch keinen Riesen dort oben! Statt dessen entdeckte ich, nachdem ich nach all der Kletterei wieder halbwegs zu Atem gekommen war, eine sehr lauschiges, grünes Plätzchen mit schimmernden Blumen. Sogar ein Pilzhäuschen gab es hier oben – welcher Wind hatte die Sporen wohl hier hoch geweht?

Von hier oben hatte ich einen wunderschönen Blick über die liebevoll gestaltete Landschaft – überall grünte und blühte es, wundersame Nebelschwaden drehten sich über dem Wasser und ein Leuchtturm half den Seefahrern ans sichere Ufer zu kommen. Ganz in der Nähe machte ich eine prächtige Villa aus. Also nichts wie runter und mal schauen, wer da wohl wohnen mag… (Siberia war übrigens wohlweislich unten geblieben – er wollte wohl nicht Zeuge davon werden, wie ich geröstet und auf Toast zum Frühstück verzehrt werde. Männer eben…)

Aber immerhin hatte er unten auf mich (oder meine Überreste) gewartet. Außer uns schien tatsächlich niemand auf der Insel zu sein. Also wagten wir ein Tänzchen und freuten uns an der schönen Umgebung und über meine Rettung. Denn natürlich habe ich sofort brühwarm erzählt, wie es mir gelungen war, den Koloss dort oben zu überlisten und davon zu kommen. Wie ein Wiesel die Leiter wieder runter, nachdem ich den wirklich schrecklichen Hünen erst einmal ordentlich gefoppt hatte.

Maria Augger, eine wirklich sehr phantasievolle und reizende Griechin und ihr Partner Derek Barom aus Groß Britannien haben ihre Regionen unterteilt in die vier Jahreszeiten. Und da wir ja selbst im realen Leben mitten im Winter stecken, sind wir erst einmal in die Winterregion gezappt. Köstlich! Santa und Mrs. Claus tanzen auf dem Eis! Sehr fetzig.

Die Winterregion ist sieht so echt und so frostig aus, dass ich an meinem Schreibtisch gleich kalte Füße bekam und mir erst mal Decken und einen heißen Tee holen musste.

Ein Glühwein wäre mir direkt lieber gewesen, aber ich hatte mal wieder nicht ordentlich eingekauft…

Siberia lud mich dann – sehr galant – zu einer kleinen Schlittenfahrt durch den Winterwald ein. Danach war mir dann aber so kalt, dass ich unbedingt eine Sommerregion aufsuchen musste.

Ah, ein Strand vor einer eindrucksvollen Felskulisse. Hier konnten wir angeln und ich war so begeistert und habe mich – ehrlich gesagt – so blöd angestellt, dass ich leider völlig vergessen habe, zu fotografieren. Naja, eigentlich wollte ich mich, wie ein Rollmops eingewickelt in eine Angelleine, nicht unbedingt verewigen.

Dann kam Siberia auf die wunderbare Idee, ein Boot zu klauen und mich über das Wasser zu entführen. Was wirklich romantisch hätte werden können, endete aber in einem Geschwindigkeitsrausch meines sizilianischen Begleiters und es kam, wie es kommen musste – wir rasten mit einem Affenzahn auf die Felsen zu und ich sah uns schon an der Wand kleben, unter uns das zerschmetterte Boot.

Glücklicherweise gelang es Siberia im letzten Moment, das Boot mit einem schauerlichen Knirschen auf Grund laufen zu lassen. Schon dachte ich, wir seien gerettet – da wurden wir auch schon wirbelnd und nach Luft schnappend in die Tiefe gezogen. Nun war klar: Mein letztes Stündchen hatte geschlagen! Den Riesen überlebt, sogar den Tanz mit Siberia und die Eiseskälte im Winterwald – nur um hier elendig zu ertrinken. Das Leben ist einfach nicht fair! Und nun auch noch zu Ende…

Aber – als ich die Augen wieder aufmachte, fand ich mich zwar unter Wasser aber keineswegs tot wieder, sondern zu Gast bei einer Meerjungfrau! Gerettet!

Wir durchsuchten das Unterwasserdomizil unserer Retterin, aber sie war leider nirgendwo zu finden. Wahrscheinlich war sie vor dem ohrenbetäubenden Lärm des Motorbootes geflohen und sah uns mit erschrockenen Augen zu, wie wir durch ihre Wohnung schnüffelten.

ευχαριστώ, Maria, thanks Derek für dieses wundersame Abenteuer in eurer gastfreundlichen Region. Wir kommen sicher wieder.

Nachtrag: Maria hat mir inzwischen erzählt, dass sie ihr Land umgestalten. Ich bin gespannt, mit welchen Köstlichkeiten sie uns demnächst überraschen werden. Sie sagte auch, dass die beiden sich natürlich sehr über Besuch freuen!

Also: auf zu den Regionen Fourseasons und TINOS und viel Spaß dabei wünscht Tosha Tyran

The Craft-Store

Fiore all’occhiello di Craft, il Craft-Store rientra probabilmente tra le sim più visitate nel metaverso.

[easy_panorama id=”506″]

Un mega-store appena alle spalle di Hydra. Le due sim sono collegate tra loro da un ponte. Il ponte nella psiche umana può rappresentare l’unione di due ambienti distaccati, la voglia di avvicinare ed espandere. Mi piace pensare che la scelta di creare un ponte che unisce Hydra a Craft-Store non sia casuale, ma rappresenti la volontà di azzerare le distanze tra utenti e owner. Ogni craftiano può arricchire con le proprie creazioni lo store ufficiale di Craft, rendendosi partecipe in prima persona dell’evoluzione della grid.

Per molti anni, il Craft-Store ha ospitato una bellissima struttura realizzata da Moran Demedici. Struttura che rimarrà sempre nei ricordi dei vecchi utenti di tutta opensim, ed in particolare nel cuore dei craftiani.

Cito le parole con cui Licu Rau ha salutato il vecchio Craft-Store:

“Sunset over the old Craft-Store.
Bye bye old shop.
From next Monday the old Craft-Store will be replaced by the new one. Thanks to Moran Demedici who buit the old Craft-Store and special thanks to Tosha Tyran who realised the new one.”

The old Craft-Store

Il nuovo Craft-Store è una struttura innovativa e fuori dall’ordinaria concezione di “store”. Gli edifici sono stati sostituiti da un insieme di isole. La sensazione trasmessa è di trovarsi in un ambiente libero, senza percorsi obbligati, porte da aprire, scale da percorrere. Si ha una piena visuale di ciò che ci circonda.

Photograph: Eva Kraai

Il caos che potrebbe crearsi in un ambiente non delineato, è annullato dalla suddivisione delle varie zone in aree di diverso colore. Ogni area contiene una determinata categoria di oggetti gratuiti, area arredamento, area edifici, area avatar (abbigliamento, skin, shape, avatar mesh etc), area musicale.. è possibile trovare ogni genere di cosa tu stia cercando!

Su ogni zona è presente una mappa-teleport dell’intero Craft-Store.


Nella welcome-area è stata realizzata una zona di ritrovo (i mariti possono sedersi e parlare di calcio mentre le mogli fanno compere) ed un gruppo di donne multirazziali molto affascinanti. Non siate timidi con loro! Sono li per essere cliccate e portarvi in altre sim commerciali di Craft!

Welcome Area – Photograph: Eva Kraai

Non vado oltre nella descrizione, non voglio togliervi ogni sorpresa. Desidero invece spendere qualche parola per parlarvi della persona che ha ideato e realizzato tutto questo, Tosha Tyran. Penso che ci siano persone con un dono particolare nella vita, il dono di “guardare oltre”. Sono quelle persone che riescono a vedere una pecora osservando una nuvola. Tosha vede la pecora, la stalla, il pastore, la casa del pastore, e persino la piccola farfalla che si posa su quell’ultimo fiore, che da li a poco sparirà segnando definitivamente la fine della calda stagione.

Hydra – the Welcome Region

Se la welcome-sim di una grid, deve essere il suo bigliettino da visita, allora Hydra è perfetta per Craft.

A prima vista la sensazione è di trovarsi in un ambiente serio, ordinato, funzionale, un pò asettico, macchinoso. Ma basta fare due passi avanti per notare, proprio al centro di questa indistruttibile macchina, alberi e fiori colorati che cingono una struttura greca che fa a cazzotti con lo stile che la circonda.

Questa è Craft: Una macchina ben oleata, costruita intorno ad alcuni pilastri storici, circondati da vivaci (a volte troppo) cespugli colorati.

[easy_panorama id=”166″]
Nayeli: Hi. So this is the famous Craft-World. Are you a greeter?

Faraji: No, no. Io sono solo un nuovo iscritto come te.

Nayeli: Oh. But are there no greeters here? Well, you don’t know either, I understand.

Faraji: In realtà un greeter non è davvero indispensabile, non pensi? Anche se le cose sembrano un po caotiche qui. Gates – Hypergrid – Dovrei capire? Andiamo nell’edificio rotondo laggiù. Forse svelerà i segreti di questo posto.

Nayeli: Kind of Greek looking… Well, let’s go and find out.

(Our two adventurers go on to discover the Hydra Building and look rather surprised at the things they find there.)

Nayeli: Hey, look. Maybe it is kind of a museum here. All those posters of passed events. Nice. And check this over here… Boxes full of gifts for new comers like us. Yippie!

Faraji: Ok, vediamo se c’è qualcosa di utile per noi. Ci sono dei LM per i freebies! Vedi? Anche se non ci sono greeter, non ci hanno abbandonati.

Nayeli: Wow look at – now we are twins (giggles incontrollably).

Faraji (Sorride con benevolenza e un po di arroganza): Tu sei più carina di me.

Nayeli: Oh well… that is a matter of looking… But – let’s go on and find some more goodies here. Do you have the LMs already?

Faraji: Si! ma penso che dovremmo prima dare un’occhiata ai gates e al resto… potrebbero essere interessanti.

Faraji: Vedi? è davvero interessante, attraverso questi gates possiamo andare in molti posti dell’hypergrid. Voglio provarne uno…

[easy_panorama id=”181″]

Nayeli (pouts): No, I will not go anywhere looking like a darn twin of yours. I want to find some good shops around here. And I want to explore Craft first before I go to other places!


Her Majesty’s Lover?

We sincerly hope that you did not believe this blog has anything to do with royalties. Or with lovers. Or with that unmentionable word… you know… with 4 letters…
If you did, you are in for a serious disappointment, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the above. Really, we just thought that a good title would atract more visitors.

What we do want, however, is to take you on some funny, nice, serious, weird, crazy, creepy, informative trips through Craft World, our home grid and beyond it. We will try to drag sim and/or grid owners, builders, creators, dancers, wanderers, prim-lovers and Blender-nuts to our microphones to present them to you, our precious audience.
The posts will be in loose order in Italian, German, English and Spanish and we will rather not translate them – after all, we don’t want to send Google-Translator into unemployment and social misery.