11 years together – a very personal story

January 2010
I still have no idea, why Licu Rau asked me to register as a citizen in the not yet existing Craft-World. Much less do I remember why I did so…

What I do remember well were those first weeks and months in the new grid. We were few residents on few sims but we had a lot of wild ideas and every reason was good enough for a party. Pool parties, beach parties, game parties… ah, yes, and crash parties!


Six avatars at the beach, avatar number 7 landed – plop, plop – 2 avatars disappeared. After a while they reappeared looking like grey little worms. No more fancy bikini, hair gone, sometimes very diversive: a man’s face and clothes but sexy female breasts. More than 10 avatars on a sim had to sit anyway, if not the plopping would not stop and even the whole sim could crash.

And there were other ways to crash a sim… twisting prims in some very special way for example. Lumiere Noir was a master at that.

This year also a lot of artists and the MdM came to Craft-World.

January 2011
Craft-World is taking shape. A lot more sims, a lot more residents. When the Cyberlandia, probably the first Italian experiment in OpenSim, decided to close, many of its former residents came to Craft-World and were welcome by the people here.

Soon we had the fame of being an Italian grid, which was not true, we still considered ourselves an international grid. But the non-Italian residents had to learn: Never start an event too early in the evening (Italian dinner time, la pasta is sacred).

But one could always count on the passion of the Italian residents for party, dancing, games and fun.

January 2012
Learning more and more each day with Lumiere Noir patiently helping me. And it seems that also OS got smarter – we experienced much less crashes! Thanks to Licu Rau who really takes care of his „baby“…

I dared to build my first shops, which in no way could reach the strange beauty of Lumi’s shop in the region Sinus.

Maison Noir, Sinus

Virtual Christine crashed into our lives and should acompany us with her wonderful blog. Craft had 39 regions by that time.

January 2013
While Lumiere is busy with his grand Sofia build, wanting it to be a replica of his well known „Ivory Tower“ of Second Life, I just puttered around, trying to pick up his unique technic of prim twisting.

Lumiere Noir’s Tower on the region Sofia (Detail)

Lumi finally decides not to build a replica of the Ivory Tower, but go for a much bigger thing: Ivory City! With the same contents to teach prim building, but on a much bigger scale. He spreads it over 4 region and gives it a smashing floor plan. He builds huge center towers on each sim. And I build all the little bubbles which will eventually contain the lessons. Cool!

Ivory City

January 2014
Lumi and I decided to take some time out from Craft-World, get a few sims at Sanctuary and learn building with mesh.

I started big… The Red Square in Moscow. Quite frankly, it turned out to be way too big for me! One endless wall with countless towers, a huge empty space (the easiest part, for sure) and then the church with all those onion domes…


In April Lumi passed and I was just too stunned to do any building!

Some time later Licu offered me a sim in Craft-World to organize a fare-well event for my companion of so many years.

Fare well, Lumiere…

January 2015
This year I came back to Craft-World for good. It felt good – really like coming home! Looking around I found that many things had changed – first of all, Craft had grown immensly.

And there were things, that either before I had not noticed – or maybe they did not exist yet:
– a rather large community of artists
– a yet larger educational community from different European countries
– quite a few shopping sims

I plunged head over heals into the work and was lucky enough to participate in some really interesting and phantastic projects.

January 2016
The Italian educational community decided to work with their school kids about Dante’s „Divine Comedy“ and I was asked to make the Purgatorio and the Infierno „visible“ and tangible for the children.

Dante’s “Divine Comedy” – the Purgatorio

It was joyous working on such a big project – and the response of the children when they saw it was just great! And I got to read Dante again!

January 2017
The big shopping mall of Craft-World needed a polishing, so I was asked by Licu if I would like to work on that. Of course I did!

In the same year the new mall was inaugurated and has become a real magnet for visitors from all over the Hypergrid. It is practically all build in mesh and so are most of its contents.

The new Craft Store

A lot of people cooperated with the content, leaving their creations to be „sold“ here!

January 2018
Mesh building had become my new passion, though I often cursed at Blender, the damn drug! And also because I felt nostalgic for the good old prim building.

In cooperation with Siberia Ilfreddopurifica a cute little Greek town was created on the sim Honebu, with Greek dancing going on at the center square in front of the town house.

In the meantime, the school kids, that can only be on school-designated sims and not travel around freely on the grid have let their teachers know, that they also wanted some fancy clothes, some different hair styles or just different shapes.

Shopping for kids (Detail)

So Stravanada was created, a whole sim for kids to shop and play and roam around. Stravanada is – like all other educational region – closed to the public and only school kids, teachers and assistants are allowed to enter.

January 2019
After months of reading, discussing, revising endless photos and many more months of building the „Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao“, Spain was created. It probably was one of the most difficult things I ever build, because it is so damn unpredictable.

Guggenheim Museum

The inside is purely phantasy, but offers a lot of space for artists to expose some of their works, if they like.

This year I also decided to bring Ivory City home to Craft-World. Unfortunately, Sanctuary, the little grid where I had finished it after Lumiere’s passing, had disappeared and the grid owner did not respond to my requests. After the panic (lost forever…), I decided, that I would reconstruct it from Lumiere’s plans and my photos. All the lessons I still had in my inventory and/or my HD anyway. So: Manos a la obra and after some months it was really finished!

Ivory City in Craft-World

January 2020
The year of Corona! Probably the only place where many people can move around freely and meet others was/is the Virtual World!

Craft-World has seen a lot of creativity, a lot of social events and a lot of art in the reanimated „Museum de Metaverso“, where we all could attend to a shear endless stream of exhibitions, music, lectures etc.

And it has also seen the inauguration of „Timbuktu“, a rebuild of the almost destroyd adobe city at the edge of the sahara, once home of one of the oldest and most extent Libraries world wide.


The Isis has intended to destroy this jewel of civilization but the people of the town protected the ancient and precious books with their own lives, hiding them when ever they could. Though the damage has been huge – also to the old and unic buildings – much was saved and the city now is in the process of restoring.

Siberia Ilfreddopurifica and I wanted to honor those brave inhabitants and give virtual testimony.

January 2021
Eleven years of Craft-World, of fun, emotions, friends… of being together!

In case you feel like more detailed information about the beginning of Craft, you can find it here in one of the first blog posts of Virtual Christine!

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