Noah – The Friendly Ark

I want to know all the secrets!
Catch all the stars with my hand.
In my dreams
worlds are spinning.
I am delighted with the small nest,
a pair of swallows
build in the shelter of my terrace.
Their soft chirping
touches my heart.

The Friendly Ark on the Sim Noah offers you chirping and barking, meowing and growling, mooing, hissing, screeching, squeeking, braying, neighing, howling, quacking and – what noises did dinosaurs make?

And if you listen very closely you may even hear the grass grow.

 You can find the sparrow for your hand as well as the dove for your roof, dogs ‘n cats to share your bed, wild beasts you had better let loose, butterflies for the romantic and vultures for the daring.And if your are an attentive listener, you might even hear flowers hum their tunes and the trees complain about the aches of old age.Horses and bisons waiting for their hey, frogs prefer flies, as everyone knows.  Nobody seems to have informed the cats, that they are not necessarily adored as godesses anymore – they like their audience obedient and not too close! Do fishes talk or do they prefer to sing to each other? Would they sometimes like to come for a visit onto the land? Do they cry? Do they laugh? Do they love one another? Do they quarrel?The ark has extended and gone meshy…

[easy_panorama id=”849″]


If the bear looks you in the eye, wondering if your are made of honey while the giraffe cuddles her little one…… if the hippo empties the lake in a slurp while the storks enjoy en early dinner… then you know you clicked the right tp!

The Friendly Ark on Noah in Craft invites you not only to enjoy the trip across the floods, but also to donate any mesh plants, trees, animals you might have created and desire to share!

Tosha Tyran
(who will have a swim with a couple of friendly  alligators now, have a coffee with her favorite cats – lion, tiger and panther – and then fly away on eagles wings)

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