Violence against Women!

You are not my story / But merely a chapter
One I will never forget / But one I will never reread

The bruises you left will no longer / Remind me of my shortcomings
But will instead be battle scares / Reminding me of my strength

You caused me to starve / You caused me to self-loathe
You caused me to isolate myself / But your control is not permanent

I will erase the pain you left / I will discard the memories
Of discomfort, fear, and embarassment / And replace them with a fire

I am not your victim / Or defined by your abuse
I am a survivor / I am a fighter

For so long I blamed myself / Told myself that I deserved the pain
That I did this to myself / And I carried that guilt with me

But not anymore / I’m through with wrongfully assigning
The blame to myself when / It’s nobody’s fault except yours

Your time is up / From your violations
I have gained self-respect and fortitude / And you have gained a guilty conscience

This is all I have left to say to you / My final testimony, my triumph
I will no longer let you have power over me / This is goodbye.

Delicatessen (160,92,485) by Paper White
contains the best exposition about Violence against Women I have ever seen in Virtual Worlds.

It takes a hard stomach though to look through it!
Tosha Tyran

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